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Digital Gift Cards

The market for digital goods and services are growing rapidly. One of the true shifts in online behaviour is the switch from traditional direct online payments and purchase to wallets and gift cards. We invite you to start your own online business as a partner of ours. By signing up as a partner you’ll get access to one of the largest gift card databases in the world. All you need to focus on is to market your website and products. Gift cards are quickly outperforming traditional gifts, as they give the recipient the choice to pick their own present from a variety of options. The range of e-gift cards available on the JustLoveE-Gifts's partner sites includes popular categories such as restaurants, games, travel and fashion.

Gift Vouchers

Traditional gift vouchers are printed paper gifts available in set values that can be spent in specific stores. Open-loop, semi-open loop, and closed-loop are often terms used when referring to gift vouchers. All gift cards sold via our partners’ websites are closed loop. This means that the gift card can only be spent at a single brand location, for example, an Xbox voucher can only be spent at Xbox etc.


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